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ZSM Construction Co. License # 857055

Northern California might not necessarily have the demanding winters of other parts of the United States, but that doesn’t mean buildings in this region don’t benefit from care and quality work.

If you’ve worked hard, and are now ready to invest in the home of your dreams, then maybe it’s time to think about luxury residential construction in Santa Rosa CA.

ZSM Construction Co. License # 857055

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So if you’re looking for luxury custom built homes and remodels, come to us. We can make any luxury residential construction in Santa Rosa CA, a big success.

Typical homes give you very little choice. The average American home is drawn from a set of plans, usually for an entire neighborhood to take advantage of cheaper pricing that comes from the economies of scale. For people who are buying a home for the first time, and don’t necessarily have the means, this is a great way to take part in the American Dream. However, if you’re ready for something that’s truly your own, then an architect and a high-end custom builder are what you need to make your individual dream come true. This means doing away with mass-produced, pre-fabricated homes, and taking the time, from the ground up, to plan and construct something that’s just for you.

Residential New Homes

Luxury residential construction in Santa Rosa CA can go all the way from start to finish with a high-end residence built brand new, to the exact specifications that you have in mind. Not only does this mean that you get exactly the home you want, with your chosen materials, in the dimensions you specified, it means you’re making a great investment. Unlike other investments like the stock market, new home construction is safe, and can only increase in value as time passes. With luxury residential construction in Santa Rosa CA, you get a home

Residential Remodels

It’s not just brand new buildings that benefit from luxury residential construction in Santa Rosa CA. Existing buildings can always be upgraded by a high-end custom builder can help you remodel a home into something that fits closer to you and your family’s needs and preferences. This can be as simple as a remodel of the interior of a home, or it can be more extensive and even include home additions. It’s all a matter of reaching out to the right people, and ZSM Construction has the experience and the expertise to address your needs.

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