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ZSM Construction Co. License # 857055
Luxury Construction Company In Sonoma County

ZSM Construction License # 857055

Luxury Construction Company in Sonoma County

While some people may believe that construction projects in Northern California benefit from great weather all year round, that doesn’t mean that work that needs to be done in areas like Sonoma County don’t have considerable challenges to face. There are no easy methods or short cuts for projects that require a high end custom builder in Sonoma County, CA.

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To us, it is all about a commitment to our clients and customers, with extensive experience luxury custom built homes and remodels, historical restoration, and unique, high-end commercial buildings.

Sonoma County

High End Custom Home Builder

For Residential

If you’ve finally decided that it’s time for the home of your dreams, and you don’t want a pre-fabricated solution, you want to work with an architect, and you want to engage a high-end custom builder in Santa Rosa, CA. High-end homes are an entirely different class of building project and require a lot of experience and expertise.

For Commercial

When it comes to commercial projects, there are many factors at play. A high-end custom builder in Santa Rosa can be an essential early investment in helping to get quality commercial structures off the ground, on time, on budget, and ready to do business. Now it’s not just a matter of fulfilling a long time dream or making a family happy. Some investors need to be satisfied, and of course, a commercial building needs to be durable, reliable and safe for the tenants, entrepreneurs, clients, and customers that will eventually pass through its doors to do business. All of that requires a lot of experience in how to handle projects of this scale and being adaptable to a growing market.

We Can Help

ZSM Construction is here to help people in Northern California to achieve their property goals in Sonoma County. When you come to us with a construction project, we always look at exactly what you need and come up with a custom plan and solution for your goals. Because of this, we are one of the most experienced and successful high-end custom builders in Santa Rosa, CA, with years of important commercial and residential projects behind us, and a long list of satisfied clients. If you’re looking for a quality job that is a cut above the expected and the ordinary, then come to ZSM Construction. We go beyond the mass-produced solution for something that meets your individual needs and can truly call your own.

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