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Best General Contractor Near Me ZSM Construction License # 857055

ZSM Construction CO. License # 857055

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If you’re looking for specialty residential and commercial contractors here in Northern California, then you want to work with ZSM Construction. We are the premier Luxury Construction Company in Sonoma county, CA and that is because of our dual commitments to giving our clients what they need, with high-quality work. 

This commitment has served us for both new home construction and commercial projects. But how do we work?

ZSM Construction Co.

It All Starts With You


Residential Projects


Years of Experience


Completed Projects

ZSM Construction prides itself on being the best luxury construction company in Sonoma County. This means that we don’t just give our clients pre-fabricated plans to choose from and get our components from a factory.

Our focus is on being the best luxury construction company in Sonoma County CA. This means taking on individual, purpose-built projects that don’t just result in structures that look like they came off an assembly line or cookie cutter.

We always look at what you, the client, need. Whether it is new home construction, a new retail building, or a very careful historical restoration for commercial purposes, we approach each project on its individual merits, giving it careful evaluation and coming up with unique solutions

The Work Before Everything Begins

Design and planning are critical aspects of successful specialty residential and commercial contractors. It is important to make sure that everything is conceptualized and laid out before any ground is broken on a project. Without good design and planning, a project is doomed before it even finishes. We make sure we understand what you hope to achieve with your home or commercial structure, and then we put together the plan, both for construction and for the logistics of that construction, that meet the criteria you’ve set. While it’s true that no project ever runs 100% according to plan, a poor plan is far more likely to suffer from cost overruns and expensive surprises.

Overseeing The Work

Once the work is ready to begin, we put all our experience to bear as one of the most experienced specialty residential and commercial contractors. We have an extensive project management system, we work to keep you in the loop about the progress of the project, as well as constantly coordinate with all the different teams involved in everything from ventilation to electrical power to plumbing to ensure that the building is completed on time, on budget, and safely for everyone involved. If you’d like to work a premier high-end custom builder in Santa Rosa CA, ZSM Construction wants to hear from you.

High End New Home Construction

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